To facilitate sifting through the emails that I got from the county this week containing exchanges between Grand County and Rivian, I am formatting the exchanges in a readable format here on the website, including with links to emailed files.

I’m doing this because the original files I got in response to my request are a mess. At least they contain too much (and repeated information) instead of too little (presumably), but I still need them in a readable format, and I like creating work for myself.

Today, I formatted three of the email exchanges:

  1. Initial contact between Rivian and Grand County
  2. Trying to set up a call
  3. Questions about bathrooms

Officers find a dead body in a burned car

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office announced on Thursday, Feb. 25 that the previous day, it reported to the scene of a burned car that had human remains inside. The car was found at Ten Mile Point, approximately 30 miles northwest of Moab.

The Sheriff’s Office said that its investigation into the occurrence was ongoing, adding that the situation “is considered to be suspicious at this time.” As someone said to me about it: Hopefully this was an accident or suicide (as opposed to murder).

The State Fire Marshal responded to the scene to assist in the investigation, and the Moab Fire Department also assisted with removing the body from the vehicle.

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday afternoon that it was awaiting identification of the deceased and that it had no additional details about the incident.

This story is already at,,, and probably elsewhere. I haven’t seen any other outlets with any more information than this.

KSL: ‘This is the future’: Can telework help rural Utahns make more money and afford better homes?

But Hill believes remote work can be a tremendous opportunity for rural Utah moving forward.

“Our rural communities, they’ve traditionally over-relied on the extraction industries and natural resources,” he said. “It’s a good base, but you can’t just rely on that forever. You need economic diversification. You saw what happened in Grand County, when you rely on tourism and busloads of tourists coming overseas to see the national parks. That’s great, but what happens when they can’t come here?”

The Salt Lake Tribune: His baby can’t sleep and he wears noise-canceling headphones in the house. Why it’s so loud in Moab.

This is a big in-depth on off-highway vehicle noise that I have not yet fully read. It features a guy who just moved into a Community Rebuilds house at the corner of Mill Creek Drive and Sand Flats Road, diagonally across from the cemetery. Obviously, that is a high-traffic area for OHVs.

“We couldn’t ask for less,” the mayor said of the bill’s limited scope before it was defeated. “If it doesn’t even pass the Senate, for me, it is a clear signal that our legislators are putting recreation in front of residents.”

FOX13: Fossil contents of Utahraptor ‘megablock’ double amount originally found

Another story I have not yet read.

An 18,000-pound “megablock” unearthed in Grand County contains twice as many Utahraptor fossils as originally observed, the Utah Department of Natural Resources reports.

The massive block of sandstone, mudstone and fossils is 136,000,000-years old and was originally believed to contain the remains of at least one adult Utahraptor, ten juveniles and three babies.