Kimley-Horn and Associates, a planning, surveying, engineering, and design consulting firm based in North Carolina, won a $150,000 bid to contract with Grand County and the City of Moab for a transportation master plan for the Moab valley.

Jones and DeMille Engineering as well as Horrocks Engineers, both frequent consultants for the city and county, also placed bids for the planning effort along with two other firms. A scoring rubric developed by the city and county put Kimley-Horn as first pick.

The proposed schedule estimates completion of the master plan in June of 2022.

Prior to that, project managers will identify stakeholders who will be closely involved throughout the process, analyze current and future transportation conditions, conduct community outreach to assess local needs, and develop alternatives and strategies to accommodate those needs.

The transportation plan is part of a larger planning effort in Grand County that will culminate with an update of the county’s 9-year-old general plan

Another part of the planning effort is strategic planning, which will primarily revolve around county commission input on the highest-level plans and goals for Grand County’s future. Grand County Planning Director John Guenther told the commission Tuesday, July 6 that he planned to gather the commission for strategic planning sessions soon.